A pleasant week...

Its been a few days since the party. I went away for three night to my folks house in Clyde (Central Otago) for my mums birthday, and when I came back I was actually a little relived to see they were still in the house. Sarah gave me a wave from her car as I was checking my mail and I felt this ease come over me, over the whole neighbourhood that this once, just this once, these people my stay longer than a few months. Its not entirely because I just want them to be happy and safe. Its that I hate when the house is empty. I long for someone to settle there. Despite the dread of the "angry man" getting them, there is always the usual worry a person gets when new people move in right next door. You wonder if they'll be noisy, messy or just rude..lol Because of the neighbourhood being in the middle-class suburbs the residence are normally quite good. But as the house gets harder and harder to let out I get worried the Property manager will lower the price even more, and that would open it up for a whole new range of people. Ha!, dear god, would you listen to me, I sound like a snob.lol Honestly I'm not really like that at all! Well I didn't used to be..lol
  Anyways.., I ran in to the other neighbour, the woman who live to the houses left and who started it all with her tale telling. We had a pleasant conversation about the weather until she decided to stop beating around the bush and ask me if I have met the new neighbours. I told her they were nice and that I went to the house warming. That's when I got her attention. Did I see anything? Did they tell me anything? It was a shame to ruin her dreams but I told her the truth. That everything was fine and the house was okay despite needing a bit of TLC which I'm sure the new tenants were more then capable of doing if they like the house so much and planned to stay long term. Fingers crossed.

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