I did it....

So 7pm came around and I was pacing in my lounge with a bottle of red wine hearing cars pulling up next door and the general hum of a small gathering begining to start. I'd been at two minds all day, to just not go and leave it all alone  with  the other part of me just wanting to see inside the house for myself, just feel if the place has any kind of hostility in it, or just to prove to myself that it was just the word of a gossipy old neighbour on the street and my active imagination.
 By 7:45pm I took a deep breath and decided I couldn't miss this opportunity. It was already dark and cold outside and when I got to the door next door it was wide open with no one there to greet me.  I could hear that there was a small crowed gathered in a room within so tentatively I took a step over the thresh hold. What surprised me at first was that the house was not just a similar design to mine on the inside, it was a more grander version. Both houses were 1940's villas, which could be easily spotted form the outside but this one seemed to be a deluxe version on mine. More oak, a larger hallway with ornate wood carving. While mine house had been completely renovated this house had its original d├ęcor, even what seem like original carpet, well warn but still looking kinda nice and rustic.lol Anyway I walked down the hallway and Sarah came out of a side room and saw me. I grinned shyly, worried I had been caught eyeing up the place but she didn't notice and gathered me into a room where about 15 were talking and drinking. It was a relaxed atmosphere and while I normally don't go to parties that I don't no a single soul I chatted easily with the couples friend who seem nice and genuine people. The guilt started to seep in. It wasn't long before I was standing with Gary (Sarah partner) and another man talking when the man asked Gary how he was settling in. I took a nonchalant sip of my wine as he answered that he was in love with the house and was settling in easily. Not for long I thought dryly then hated myself for thinking. Maybe they'll be different. The man we were talking with asked for a tour and I quickly agreed also, explaining how I had never seen the whole house before. Soon we had a small number of people following Gary from room to room. A small side bedroom on the first floor, and tiny room to the right that looked like a office. Then a large kitchen that had been slightly renovated but still had the 1940's black and white floor tiles. Up the large wooden stairs we went to a master bedroom, its window over looking  parts of my house, a clear view to my kitchen window and front door. I stood their a while and thought of the many times I had avoided looking up to that window just encase something was looking back. It was around then as I stared down at my house, seeing my cat Jack sitting on the bird feeder on my deck like he thought because it was dark the birds wouldn't see him that I realised I was all alone and the others had moved on to another room at the front of the house. I know it must have been my imagination but when I turned back from the window I thought I saw a dark shadow dart out of my line of sight to the corner of the room. I didn't dare investigate further, just took a deep breath and walked calmly from the room, only taking to a small run to catch up with the others who were now in a large back room.
When it was done we all went down stairs again and melded into the rest of the party. It was getting up to a somewhat large number when I decided I would go, having pretty much got what I cam for. I searched out my hosts and thanked them for inviting me.
  At home again now I can her the party is in full swing and I feel somewhat odd to have just been in the house. I didn't know what to expect but I guess to find a perfectly normal house with a perfectly normal atmosphere with perfectly normal people in it was the least I of my expectations.

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