A house warming.......

Early this afternoon I got a knock on the door and low and behold it was the woman from next door. My heart leapt to my throat thinking she was going to ask me something about the house, or if I had heard any strange noises. It had only been two weeks since they had moved in and it was around now, normally, that things started turning weird over there. My mind went into overload of whether to lie, tell the truth or just keep the heck out of it. But she wasn't there for any revelations. She thanked me for eggs and  the welcome I gave her then told me she and her partner Gary were having a house warming tonight and invited me over for it! OMG! I've never set foot inside the house, and apart from the pictures of the inside when it was advertised for rent  I really don't know what it looks like on the inside.I eagerly accepted  then suddenly wished I hadn't. As I watched her go back down the drive with a wave I realised if I went into that house that "thing" would see me. I would be finally in its reach. I liked that it might not know me. I decided I wouldn't stay long at the party. Just a quick curious visit.Then I'll run back home! Will keep you posted.

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