Hello Winter....

Its so freaking cold at the moment. I guess winter is well and truly here then. Its really storming outside but its nice to look over and see smoke coming from the neighbours chimney at times like this. At least there's life there again. I hate to imagine, in the times that it is empty, that the ghost or what ever it is might be sitting there in the dark, brewing with anger. Its give me the chills just thinking about it. I know it might sound a bit bad, but when people are in there I think at least he won't get bored and come looking for other people to run screaming at..lol.
    The guy I've been dating for almost 2 years, Daniel, he thinks I need to get a job that gets me out of the house. I've work from home freelance web designing since I was laid off 6 months ago when our company closed. Thankfully when I was making good money I was puting enough aside to pay the mortgage a year in advance, giving me the freedom now to work from home and happily stalk the neighbours..lol Dan thinks its unhealthy that I give a toss about what goes on with the neighbours house, but its different for him. I live alone. he lives with 3 other rowdy rugby playing manly men. I just want to make sure I live in a safe neighbourhood. But yea, maybe he's right. I might be turning into Tom Hanks in The 'Burbs except I have a little more class then to wear my P.js around all day.. But give it time I guess. Someone please stop me if I purchase binoculars!

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