It begins again......

Now a few days later from my last post I was walking home from the supermarket and came upon the now way too familiar sight of the police car in the drive way of house next door. It took all my energy not to drop my heavy bags and run up to the house to see what has happened. Just because I have met them doesn’t mean I can burst on over there and ask them if they're were okay.
I quickly went home, with my heart sinking. God, please let it be something normal, like they have a friend who is a policeman, that cop is there for any other reason then been called there because of some break in. As per all the other times all I had to do was wait for the policemen to knock on my door and ask me if I had seen anything. A hour later there was the knock.
I've always found it odd that the police haven’t questioned why they get called to the house so much. Perhaps if they just sent the same policemen every time then something could be worked out. Because sure enough it was a completely different cop to the last 4 I had talked to. Pen in hand to note book he asked me if I had seen any suspicious people on the street. I said no and asked why. They always pretend that they didn't want to tell me, like their not supposed to before the just blurt it out. "there was a break in next door." I pretending to looked shocked, since if I didn't this would pretty much make me a suspect, then asked I if they were okay.
"Yes, nothing was taken, just a broken window and what looks like someone may have slept in one of the beds while they were out."
That as a new one. Normally it was washing taken, front door found open. Finally I couldn't stand it any more and I asked the policemen if he realised that the police get called out to the house a lot in what was considered a safe suburban neighbourhood. He nodded, as if I was the moron for pointing this out. "Criminals often return to the same house once they see how easy it is to get it."
"Criminals that don't steal anything?" I ask asked dryly
"Criminals looking for a place to hide out. Drug addicts seeing a free place to sleep. The is a pharmacy only a few block away that proscribes out methadone. They could be just hanging in there until they get their proscription."
I closed my mouth as what he said was actually making some sense. I had seen the one or two twitching, running on the spot, scruffy dressed man outside the pharmacy first thing in the mornings and it wasn't too hard to click what they were there for.
After confirming once again I hadn’t seen anyone and assuring him I would contact them if I did. I went back inside felling really bad for the new neighbours. God I wouldn't know which would be worse, a ghost or a strung out drug addict wanting a place to sleep. Those poor people.

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