A strange visit...

It was a few days later that Sarah was at my door. This time I knew what she was there for.
"I guess you heard about what happened." she said at my door step. I gave my condolences and invited her in. She didn't look very stressed out or at the edge of sanity, as I would be, instead she looked around my hall and said "wow, you really can see the similarity in the houses." yea, I thought, except mines not haunted.
She went with me into the kitchen where I made her a cuppa and she looked up through my kitchen window at the house, and odd hint of apprehension in her eyes. So I asked causally if they had found the person who broke in. Her head snapped around from the window and almost as if she hadn’t heard me she said a distant "no" then her face cleared, her attention was back again. "What was it you said happened with the other tenants? That someone stole their washing?"
I rested uneasily on my feet and nodded and told her the theory the policemen gave me. Which was obviously what he had told her too. But she didn't looked convinced.
"Its odd though, don't you think. That they chose just our house."
"Its vacant a lot. Who knows who was in there when it was empty." I explained hiding my own shiver.
"You see, that's another question right there. Why is it vacant so much? Because of the break ins, or is it broken into because it is vacant or maybe both"
I could see she was growing a little bit agitated and telling her anything right now about what I heard would probably make the whole thing worse. Then she looked me in the eye an focused on me over her coffee and said. "What do you know of the history of the house?"
"Um..., why.?" I asked grabbing for a dish cloth and pretending to find some dirt in my bench that needed my full attention.
'Its just..... I don't know. Gary thinks I’m crazy but I feeling like some-things not right about the house."
"Like what?" Now it was the ovens turn for a wipe.
She put her cup aside and looked back out the window at the bedroom I had been in looking down from a week ago at the house warming. 'I feel like it hates me.' she said in almost a whisper.
"The house?" I asked with a small chortle then pulled my act together when I saw she was deadly serious and quite upset. "Look" I sighed. "You’ve just had you privacy intruded upon by a complete stranger and that’s bound to make anyone paranoid. If I was you I would be ringing the landlord or property manger and demanding better security so it doesn't happen again. You're well with in your rights since this is not the first time its happened and they've done nothing to stop it."
She stared at me for a long time then finally she blinked. Then a slow smile came to her face.
"You're totally right." she beamed and a wave of relief seemed to wash over her. "I'll make them get double locks, security lighting, some kind of fence to stop people just wondering in. Thank you." she put her cup aside and seemed to leave with new vigour in her steps. I'm not sure if that was what she came to my house for. But for now I am happy that I've eased her mind a bit. But we shall see. Fingers crossed.

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