Only a matter of time....

When the  last lot moved in, a young couple, I went over there and introduced myself and thought, first step down, next time I see them I'll say something. But they were gone by then. I think if anything is gong to be said its going to have to be said on the first meeting. Which is just gonna make me sound like a crazy paranoid nosy neighbour...I can see its now, I may as well dress in black and wave a chicken at them "Aaarrrr this place is cursed!" humm I just had a thought, maybe its me that's making people move!
  I wish I could at least see them. Unfortunately we have a high brush fence between us and I can only see them clearly from my mailbox. If I have to speak to them I gotta walk up their drive and have some purpose. Maybe I'll let my dog out and push her though the back fence then be all "have you see my dog? ooohhh and by the way...."lol will just have to see. Can't really make out who they are yet. Weather they are a family,or a group of flatmates. Just a big old van pulls in and out.

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