Hatching a Plan......

I've been thinking. I don't want to plant any ideas into their head. I once lived in what was reportedly the most haunted house in Dunedin "The Haunted House on Howe St" and for a year I watch my flatmates freak out over the smallest thing. Being the sensible "Scully" I spent the whole time pointing out the obvious reasons. Not once did I see or hear anything paranormal, and if the house wasn't called haunted, none of those crazy girls would have bat an eyelid. But I guess that's what you get for living in a house you think is haunted. But this is different. I don't think these people know what they're getting into.
    Oky, I've got a plan. Normally I bribe my surrounding neighbours with fresh eggs from my hens, just incase any are annoyed by the sounds of them which they are not, but its still good manners. I'll wonder over with some eggs, and just say welcome, and warn them that the last few people had some clothes stolen off the line and to be a bit careful. I'll tell them I'll keep an eye out too (thus making me some kind of back up I guess?..lol) I'm sure that's all I can do. Hopefully these ones have a different experience and the "angry man." likes them. Will keep you posted. :)

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