It begins.....

  I bought the house I'm in now about two years ago and next door there is a house that is rented out. I have never met the owner as I think they don't even live in town and I believe the house was only bought by this person a year before I bought my house. Anyway, in the two years I've been here there has been 6 groups of tenants move in, mainly young people in a flatting situation, one or two couples. The thing is, and it happens like this ever time, after a month or two, the police turn up next door, then there's a week or so of really odd sounds, more police, loud banging then I wake up one day and the place is abandoned. Sometimes with lights on and windows open. The tenants come back after a while get there things and its put back on the market for rent. Now I had a theory that the place was getting targeted by petty thieves (Its a nice side of town so people can be complacent and leave things out on the line or windows open.) Plus the police came to my door once asking if I had seen anyone strange as the neighbours had been some clothes stolen off the line. So I guessed it was that. But a while ago I bumped into the neighbour on the other side, kind of a gossip but nice, and she said, "I see they have the haunted house up for rent again I wonder when someone will do something about that." I was like wwwwhhhaaat? She said that the house had been haunted pretty much as long as she had been there. She didn't know the back story but the previous owner had a terrible time with ghostly going ons for years, and eventually he couldn't take it any more and sold the house. She said he told her there was a black figure of a middle aged man who lived in the house. That he slammed doors, broke windows, tore up clothes and would whispered his name at night. He saw him a few times too and said he sensed that the man was incredibly angry. The day he saw the man run down the hallway screaming he put the house up for sale and left. 

   Now, the last people left about three months ago and today I see a new lot moving in. Each time I feel a little sick to my stomach. I don't really want to believe the neighbour, but something makes people run from that house and I feel like I should say something. I have promised myself that if I see children I would go over and tell the family the house gets targeted by thieves and to be careful. But is it really my business scaring people when I'm not even sure? Maybe its all just coincidence, maybe the house just attracts short term tenants who are just kinda weird and leave stuff out to be

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